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    Video Blogs and Podcasts discussing my stuff.


    Jenny talks about a 2023 creature feature novella about a group of people in an amusement park that becomes overrun with horrific monsters.



    Jenny discusses an excellent 2020 horror novel about a woman who flees her abusive boyfriend and ends up at the creepy and secluded bed and breakfast run by her estranged grandmother.




    Vital Social Issues 'N Stuff with Kris and John Wayne

    Episode 50 - Summer of Slashers, MADMAN (1982) w/ Matt Kurtz

    I was the special guest on this episode, where we discussed the 1982 horror "classic" MADMAN as part of their Summer of Slasher series. Before we review the film, Kris and John Wayne ask me a little bit about my writing and THE ROTTING WITHIN was chosen as "Book of the Week."

    (check out all their episodes at KrisAndJohnWayne.com)




    A Horror Book Podcast

    Hosted by Samantha Kolesnik & Waylon Jordan.

    Join us in the stacks as Sam and Waylon dig into The Rotting Within by Matt Kurtz. We also talk more about the relationship between writers and directors in indie filmmaking, content warnings, and more of the books we're excited about in the new year! (40 min.)

    (check out The Horror Stacks podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts)



    Erin Megan's video review of The Rotting Within.



    Vital Social Issues 'N Stuff with Kris and John Wayne

    Episode 20 - We Take a Bite Out of Crime

    KINFOLK was chosen "Book of the Week" by Kristopher Triana. Kris begins discussing it at 27:45, but check out the entire episode because these guys are hilarious!

    (check out all their episodes at KrisAndJohnWayne.com)



    Cameron Chaney / Library Macabre

    Horror Book Reviews

    Cameron Chaney, creator of Library Macabre, reviews KINFOLK in this short video.

    (check out all of Cameron's reviews here)



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    Matt Kurtz


    After working in the film/video industry for well over a decade, Matt Kurtz wrote, directed, and edited the 16mm feature film Falling Hard, a drama about a twenty-something guy in a loving relationship who suddenly questions his life after unexpectedly falling for his best friend’s new girlfriend. The film, praised by The Fort Worth Film Festival as “...an engaging romantic drama…” and “…an impressive first feature…”, received both DVD and VOD distribution through Vanguard Cinema in 2005. In addition to Falling Hard, he’s written numerous (unproduced) feature-length screenplays in the comedy, drama, and horror genres.


    Years later, after being fed up with all the bullshit that came with filmmaking, he said, “The hell with movies! I wanna write a book!”


    “Start small, hone your craft, and then jump into something larger” was a philosophy he’s always followed since his filmmaking days and later applied it to prose. He wrote nearly one hundred short stories, all in the horror genre (something he’s loved since childhood). Over half of those tales found a home in various anthologies from publishers such as Blood Bound Books, Comet Press, Apokrupha, Necrotic Tissue Magazine, and Strangehouse Books… as well as a bunch of publishers that probably shouldn’t have been publishing in the first place.


    When it came time to write a novel, he sat his ass in a chair and put fingers to keyboard, then took a deep breath and… got intimidated and returned to writing even more short stories.


    When he was ready to take the plunge a second time, he cranked out two novels. The first, A Warm Place to Hide, sits on a shelf (to be edited soon) but the second, Kinfolk, was published by Grindhouse Press in 2018. The novel, about two criminal brothers locked in a high-octane battle with a clan of bloodthirsty cannibals, was praised by numerous book bloggers, reviewers, and websites including GingerNuts Of Horror which said, "From the very first moment until the last blood-soaked scene you will be left breathless."


    The Rotting Within, his occult horror follow-up, was published by Grindhouse Press in December 2020. The book made numerous "best of" and "most recommended" lists for 2021, including The Lineup's "7 Terrifying Horror Novellas" which described it as "Filled with heart-pounding jump-scares, nerve-shredding dread, and an ending that will shock and disturb you... a rare horror story that will have you holding your breath until the very end."


    Matt also has a trilogy of short story collections entitled, Monkey’s Box of Horrors - Tales of Terror: Vol. 1, Monkey’s Bucket of Horrors - Tales of Terror: Vol. 2, and Monkey’s Butcher Block of Horrors - Tales of Terror: Volume 3.


    His most recent work Shock Waves, a novella about creatures that invade an amusement park after the power goes out, was released in April 2023.


    His work has been translated into Russian for Darker Magazine, "Russia's Biggest Horror Webzine since 2011".


    He's also been a special guest on Vital Social Issues 'N Stuff with Kris and John Wayne, where they discussed the pros and (many) cons of the 80s slasher film, MADMAN. 


    Feel free to reach out to him on Twitter at @MattKurtzWrites or visit MattKurtzWrites.com


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