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    Matt Kurtz


    After working in the film/video industry for well over a decade, Matt Kurtz wrote, directed, and edited the 16mm feature film Falling Hard, a drama about a twenty-something guy in a loving relationship who suddenly questions his life after unexpectedly falling for his best friend’s new girlfriend. The film, praised by The Fort Worth Film Festival as “...an engaging romantic drama…” and “…an impressive first feature…”, received both DVD and VOD distribution through Vanguard Cinema in 2005. In addition to Falling Hard, he’s written numerous (unproduced) feature-length screenplays in the comedy, drama, and horror genres.


    Years later, after being fed up with all the bullshit that came with filmmaking, he said, “The hell with movies! I wanna write a book!”


    “Start small, hone your craft, and then jump into something larger” was a philosophy he’s always followed since his filmmaking days and later applied it to prose. He wrote nearly one hundred short stories, all in the horror genre (something he’s loved since childhood). Over half of those tales found a home in various anthologies from publishers such as Blood Bound Books, Comet Press, Apokrupha, Necrotic Tissue Magazine, and Strangehouse Books… as well as a bunch of publishers that probably shouldn’t have been publishing in the first place.


    When it came time to write a novel, he sat his ass in a chair and put fingers to keyboard, then took a deep breath and… got intimidated and returned to writing even more short stories.


    When he was ready to take the plunge a second time, he cranked out two novels. The first, A Warm Place to Hide, sits on a shelf (to be edited soon) but the second, Kinfolk, was published by Grindhouse Press in 2018. The novel, about two criminal brothers locked in a high-octane battle with a clan of bloodthirsty cannibals, was praised by numerous book bloggers, reviewers, and websites including GingerNuts Of Horror which said, "From the very first moment until the last blood-soaked scene you will be left breathless."


    Matt also has the short story collections Monkey’s Box of Horrors - Tales of Terror: Vol. 1 and Monkey’s Bucket of Horrors - Tales of Terror: Vol. 2. A third volume (with the even ridiculously longer title of Monkey’s Butcher Block of Horrors - Tales of Terror: Volume 3) will be published early 2020.


    His forthcoming novel, The Rotting Within, an occult/creature-feature, will be published by Grindhouse Press in 2021.


    Most recently, his work was translated into Russian for Darker Magazine, Russia's Biggest Horror Webzine since 2011.


    Feel free to reach out to him on Twitter at @MattKurtzWrites or visit MattKurtzWrites.com


    A horror / action-thriller from Grindhouse Press

    Criminal brothers Ray and Eric Kuttner pulled off what they thought was a seemingly simple score, until Ray’s innocent wife, Rachel, was brutally murdered in retaliation. Hell-bent on revenge, the brothers delivered their own merciless payback.


    Three years later, something sheds new light on Rachel’s murder and it requires the brothers to drive across Texas to Oklahoma on a new mission of vengeance that’ll finally bring them closure.


    After an incident forces them to take back roads to elude the cops, they get stranded along a hunting ground patrolled by a family looking for fresh meat to feed their hunger for flesh.


    In a race against the clock, Ray and Eric must fight their way out of the backwoods of Texas and still make it across state lines to accomplish their plan of revenge . . . all before one very large—and pissed off—family secret is unleashed to stop them.


  • KINFOLK - reviews


    If I were to distill down Matt Kurtz’s Kinfolk into a single word, something to give you an idea of how you will feel as you blast through this story, it’d have to be tension. From the very first moment until the last blood-soaked scene you will be left breathless.

    - Ginger Nuts of Horror


    ...an entertaining and fast-moving white-knuckle ride…

    - Horror DNA


    ...not for the faint of heart... From the jump, it’s nonstop mayhem and savagery. - Cedar Hollow Horror Reviews


    " A fast-moving tale of survival...exciting and addictive" - Red Lace Reviews


    "Imagine if you took Wrong Turn, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and parts of From Dusk Till Dawn, threw them into a bloody blender and mixed the bones of each story. That is what Kinfolk is to me. And it was one hell of a ride."  - Dead Head Reviews


    "Intense, brutal, and bloody, Kinfolk delivers everything a reader might expect from a south Texas, backwoods cannibal tale…and then some." - Sci-Fi & Scary


    "...high octane horror... ...one killer story you won't want to put down..." - Biblioculus


    ...definitely on my list of favorite reads this year... If you're looking for a page-turner, this is the book for you." - Becca Leighanne, writer/blogger


    "...if you’re after a gruesome blast of backwoods bedlam, you’ll probably have a fun time with these here Kinfolk… - Kendall Reviews


    "There are some occasional flashes of extreme horror brilliance here..." - Horror Drive-In


    "... an all-out gory smackdown fight to the finish... If you’re looking for quiet, elevated, or literary horror, this is not the book for you." - The Horror Fiction Review


    "...a high-octane thrill ride that is violent, shocking, and grim without losing its playful nature…" - Cameron Chaney, creator of Library Macabre



    Praise for the

    MONKEY'S ...TALES OF TERROR Collection


    “A gut twisting collection of horrors guaranteed to rattle your cage. Matt Kurtz’s Monkey’s Box of Horrors is an amazing debut by a writer with a keen eye for carnage. Take my advice. Devour the stories in this book, but do NOT drink the lemonade!”
    – Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Dead Won’t Die and Dead City


    Monkey’s Bucket of Horrors is every bit as gloriously bonkers as its title. Every story in this collection is insane, and I think Matt Kurtz may be, too. But that’s cool, because it’s GOOD insanity.”
    – Jeff Strand, author of Dead Clown Barbecue and Wolf Hunt


    "...an engaging, thrilling, imaginative collection. A must-read for that special reader that needs to be terrified."
    - TheHorrorZine.com

    "There's revenge, amputation, sacrifice, and a very unusual/uncomfortable breeding process... The stories in this box of horrors played out in my head in similar cinematic fashion as Trilogy of Terror or Creepshow, with short but sweet tales of horror that take up residence in your psyche."
    - HorrorSociety.com

    (Matt Kurtz has) got a talent for keeping you reading and his stories are anything but subtle. Monkey's Box of Horrors is chock-full of graphic frights... there's something in it for any horror aficionado."
    - GingerNutsofHorror.com

    In the vast bloody ocean of horror writers, few voices emerge with such a big, noticeable, in-your-face splash as Matt Kurtz. In a genre laden with clichés, Kurtz somehow pulls forth innovative ideas from the most demented regions of his disturbed brain that will keep you turning the pages."
    - Anthony Masi, Producer of Halloween: 25 Years of Terror and Still Screaming


    “…a great throwback to the heyday of horror short stories, conjuring up fond memories of curling up with Stephen King's Night Shift and Clive Barker's Books of Blood.”

    – Kristopher Triana, author of Growing Dark



    Witness the Terror as…

    A woman staying late at the office quickly realizes she’s not alone when the power goes out and something lurks within the darkness…
    A boy investigates the sunken graves at his local cemetery and soon comes face to face with the burrowing monstrosity responsible for it…
    A wife fleeing her criminal husband on an isolated stretch of road wrecks her car within miles of an insane asylum—where its bloodthirsty residents have recently escaped…
    A father tries to frighten his two sons into good behavior but gets his own terrifying lesson in fear…
    A man speeding home for his son’s birthday party collides with pure horror when something ghoulish scuttles into the high-beams of his vehicle…
    All this—and many more ghastly frights—can be found within the pages of Monkey’s Box of Horrors - Tales of Terror: Vol.1 by Matt Kurtz.



    Witness the Terror as…


    A down on his luck tailor gets a visitor at closing time with a terrifying request for a special type of fitting…


    Two brothers, both former military, encounter a foe much deadlier than anything they’ve faced on the battlefield while fixing up their family cabin in the woods…


    A trio of good ol’ boys visit an adult video store and are introduced to a terrifying secret kept beyond the glass of a peep show booth…


    An old farmer unearths a disturbing find but is threatened by something much more sinister, hell-bent on keeping his discovery private…


    A cowboy seeking a night’s shelter from an approaching storm finds solace under a gigantic tree but soon realizes he’s far from alone when he hears a strange clicking within the darkness of the treetop’s dense foliage…


    All this—and many more ghastly frights—can be found within the pages of Monkey’s Bucket of Horrors - Tales of Terror: Vol.2 by Matt Kurtz


    Witness the Terror as…


    Two good ol' boys returning to the scene of their crime at an old pumpkin patch discover something beneath its soil eagerly awaits for a reunion with the guilty...


    A man trespassing by an old swimming pond is lured closer by something bobbing across its surface, enticing him to dip a toe into its murky water...


    A young woman babysitting a little girl begins to suspect there might be more than one child lurking somewhere upstairs in the large dark house…


    A low-budget filmmaker securing his movie set for the night quickly regrets his insistence on realism when the raw meat used in his special effects props attracts things in the dark hungry for carrion…


    A group of college kids decide to party at a decrepit manor, ignoring all warnings the house is still inhabited by a hulking psychopath, one who makes an odd—yet terrifyingly grotesque—request to each of his victims...


    All this—and many more ghastly frights—can be found within the pages of Monkey’s Butcher Block of Horrors - Tales of Terror: Vol.3 by Matt Kurtz




    THE ROTTING WITHIN, an occult / horror / creature-feature novel from Grindhouse Press. Coming December 2020.


    A WARM PLACE TO HIDE - a horror novel currently being edited.


    SHOCK WAVE - novella-length, work-in-progress. If I had to pitch this sucker, I'd say "The Mist at an amusement park".


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